BBMKU Dhanbad: 56 thousand students will not appear for generic paper exam latest news today in hindi

Live News Update: 56000 students will not appear for generic paper exam in BBMKU

Generic exam release from session 2015-18 to session 2019-22

Latest Updated 23/02/2024: The special examination for the previous students who have passed the graduation examination from BBMKU Dhanbad two to six years ago is starting from March 1. The examination will continue till 11 March.

Out of more than one lakh students passing out from Dhanbad and Bokaro in session 2015-18, 2016-19, 17-20, 18-21 and 19-22, only 44 thousand students have applied. In such a situation, it is clear that around 56 thousand previous students have abstained from the special examination. They will not appear in the examination. Such students are trying to find out from experts and experts whether there will be any harm if they do not take the exam.


56 thousand students will not appear for generic paper exam in BBMKU notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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Let us tell you that BBMKU officials were also expressing the possibility that more than one lakh previous students could appear in the examination, but after seeing the final figure of applications, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Working in other states and cities: Experts say that after passing the graduation examination from the year 2018 to the year 2022, thousands of students are currently working or employed in other cities and states except Dhanbad-Bokaro. Are connected to.

What is the whole matter

BBMKU Dhanbad was established in the year 2017 after separating from Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribagh. From the year 2018, BBMKU started conducting its own examinations. Like other universities including Ranchi and Vibhavi, in BBMKU Dhanbad too one less paper of generic elective was taught in the sessions 2015-18, 2016-19, 17-20, 18-21 and 19-22. This was revealed in the appointment of Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers. After that the students' movement started. In the interest of students, a special examination for a generic paper is being conducted in all the universities. The concerned students will have to appear for four semester examinations of Second Generic Paper for four semesters.

University should change the exam date: NSUI

NSUI representatives met BBMKU DSW Dr Pushpa Kumari on Thursday and demanded change in the date of generic special examination. NSUI University General Secretary Jaiprakash Singh and PK Rai College President Raj Ranjan Singh said that currently examinations for various courses are going on in other universities of the state. After graduating from BBMKU, many students are completing PG and B.Ed studies from other universities. In such a situation, those students are getting worried. DSW said that the decision will be taken in the interest of the students. Sunny Singh and others were present on the spot.

To appear in the special examination, leave of up to one week will have to be taken. In view of many other problems, more than 50 thousand previous students did not fill the examination form.

Previous students say that this exam is important for teachers (who have done B.Ed, D.El.Ed, M.Ed) and students appearing in other competitive exams. Due to confusion, a large number of students filled the form but were not able to fill it completely. Hundreds of students who had gone to other states or cities could not get information about the special examination. Due to this also could not fill the examination form.