BSEB Sakshamta Pariksha 2024: One and a half lakh teachers have applied so far latest news today in hindi

1.5 lakh teachers have applied so far for Bihar Sakshamta Pariksha 2024 latest news update

Latest Updated 16/02/2024: For the first time in the state, a competency test is to be held for teachers employed. On one hand the employed teachers are opposing it, while on the other hand the application process is going on.

Competency Test

  • There are 3.5 lakh teachers employed in the state
  • Not showing interest in applying
  • There are 13 thousand employed teachers in the district

The number of teachers employed in Bihar is around 3.5 lakh. Till now, about one and a half lakh (1.5) employed teachers have applied to appear in the examination. The exam is scheduled from 26th February. Thrice employed teachers are to be given a chance for success in the examination. Along with three online exams, there will also be a chance for two offline exams. Let us tell you that the employed teachers are not showing interest in applying. Till 3 pm on 14 February, a total of 1,20,882 employed teachers have applied. 

1.5 lakh teachers have applied so far for bihar competency test notification latest news update 2024 in hindi

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Of these, 1,01,544 people have deposited the fees. 83,127 applications are pending. 682 applications are under review & 30 applications are canceled from DPO. Here, District Education Officer Amit Kumar said that the no. of employed teachers in the district is about 13 thousand. Employed teachers are applying.