Government is recruiting 30 thousand Bihari youth latest news today in hindi

Government is recruiting 30000 Bihari youth latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 02/11/2023: Former Deputy Chief Minister BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi has said that while there are 1 lakh 70 thousand posts of teachers, the state government is going to give new appointments to barely 30 thousand Bihari youth.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, he said that the applications for teacher recruitment examination for classes 9 to 12 were 40 thousand less than expected. Then, due to the only 1.22 lakh applicants passing, 48 thousand posts remained vacant. With 10 thousand passed people not accepting Bihar government jobs, the number of posts remaining vacant reached close to 60 thousand.

Bihar Government is recruiting 30 thousand Bihari youth notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Among the applicants who accepted the job, hardly 30000 are Bihari youth. He claimed that about 40 thousand youth from other states will become teachers in Bihar. 37,500 are those employed teachers who are already in government service, they will now be given appointment letters again. A mega event is being organized at the Gandhi Maidan to expose all the irregularities that have taken place in the teacher recruitment. He alleged that this is a betrayal of the youth of Bihar. The situation is that in Plus-Two schools, qualified teachers are not available to teach many important subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.