Government teachers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of MACP latest news today in hindi

Government teachers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of MACP latest news update 2023

MACP resolution sought from Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education, Bihar

Latest Updated 25/09/2023: Teachers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of MACP (Financial Upgradation Scheme). For this, the Jharkhand government has sought information from the Bihar government regarding the benefits of MACP given to government schools. Sunil Kumar, Director of Secondary Education, School Education and Literacy Department, has written a letter to the primary education and secondary education of Bihar demanding its resolution.

The Director has clarified that teachers of Jharkhand are to be given the benefit of MACP like other state employees. MACP benefits are to be given to teachers on the basis of 10 years, 20 years and 30 years of service. For this, information about MACP being given to teachers in Bihar should be given, so that after reviewing it, Jharkhand government can benefit the teachers of its state.

Government teachers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of MACP notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Let us tell you that the teachers organizations of the state were continuously putting pressure on the government for the promotion of teachers and the benefits of MACP. Teachers' organizations clearly stated that the government used to provide MACP benefits to other government employees, but teachers were deprived of its benefits even after being given the status of government employees.

  • Jharkhand government sought information from Bihar government.
  • In Bihar, along with teachers, non-teaching staff also benefit.
  • Jharkhand government's decision after pressure from teachers
  • They cite Bihar rules but do not implement them.

Teachers got the benefit of a preferential pay scale. Teachers of Jharkhand have got the benefit of a preferential pay scale since the formation of the state, which was given after 12 years of service. The process of selection pay scale to be given on completion of 24 years of service is still going on. Whereas other state employees get benefits after 10, 20 and 30 years of service under financial upgradation. 

Teachers organizations say that the Jharkhand government cites the rules of Bihar, but does not follow them. In view of the difficulty in promotion in Bihar, teachers are getting the benefit of MACP by abolishing all the earlier rules. Teachers of Jharkhand should also be directly benefited from this. In Jharkhand, school teachers do not get this benefit, but working non-teaching staff do. The appointment, transfer and other procedures of teachers are similar to that of state employees, but when it comes to providing MACP benefits, they are deprived of the same.

Teachers in Jharkhand have not been promoted for years. They should get the benefit of MACP in any case, so that the promotion is compensated. If teachers are being given the benefit of MACP in the state of Bihar, then why are they being deprived in Jharkhand. By getting this benefit, harmony will be established among the teachers.