More than 65 thousand seats remained vacant in Patliputra University Patna latest news today in hindi

More than 65000 seats remained vacant in PPU Patna latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 29/06/2023: The pace of enrollment in Patliputra University has suddenly slowed down. In the first round, about 48 thousand students took admission in different colleges of the university. Seven thousand students got admission on the basis of second merit list. On the other hand, after releasing the third merit list on Tuesday, hardly 1500 students have enrolled.

Patliputra University has one lakh 20 thousand seats. So far 56500 enrollments have been done. 65 thousand seats are left. Now the pace of enrollment has slowed down. Students are seeking admission in nearby colleges only. In the first round, students got the college and subject of their choice. Everyone took nomination in that too. After this, students did not enroll due to non-availability of desired college and honors in the merit list. The process of enrollment in the third merit list is going on.

More than 65 thousand seats remained vacant in PPU University Patna notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

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  • Admission slowed down after the second round
  • Students want to take admission in nearby colleges

Now the students are waiting for the spot round enrollment. By the way, 40 thousand seats were left vacant in the last session. Here, Dean Prof. AK Nag told that there is still a chance of nomination till July 2. On the other hand, on the basis of the third merit list in Patna University, the process of graduation in graduation has ended. Around 3800 students have enrolled on the basis of three merit lists. There are about 4500 seats here.

University Dean Prof. Anil Kumar told that nominations will be taken on the remaining seats under the spot round. Guidelines for this will be issued soon. In this also nomination will be taken on the basis of merit list. According to the information here, the seats in the Faculty of Humanities could not be filled. Apart from this, enrollment in vocational courses is not filled. Now the new session is about to start. Before this, it is being considered to renovate the guest faculty so that there can be shortage of teachers in the new session.