IIT ISM Dhanbad: Jobs for 50 percent students in core and software sector latest news today in hindi

Jobs for 50% students in core and software sector in IIT ISM Dhanbad latest news update 2023

IIT year 2022-23 batch placement final figure released

Latest Updated 25/06/2023: 76.57 percent of the students of the year-2022-23 batch of IIT ISM Dhanbad have got jobs in campus placement. IITs released the final figures of campus placements on Saturday. Out of 1447 students of various courses of the institute, 1108 (on-campus and off-campus) placements have been done.

Significantly, companies from only two sectors have placed 50 per cent of the students of the institute. Software and IT has grabbed 26 percent and core sector has grabbed 24 percent. Only five percent of the students got jobs in PSUs. Banking and finance and education sector gave placement to 10-10 percent. Let us tell that in the year 2022, 23 percent placements were done in software and 14 percent in core, totaling 37 percent.

Jobs for 50% students in core and software sector in IIT ISM Dhanbad notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

How much placement was done in which sector

26% in Software & IT, 5% in PSU, 6% in Technology, 4% in Analytics, 10% in Banking & Finance, 4% in Consulting, 24 in Core, 5% in E-Commerce, 10 in Education, 1 in Finance 5 per cent in others.

Previous Record Broken

In the year 2022, IIT ISM had 1089 campuses. In the year-2023, a total of 1108 students of the institute got jobs in various companies. On the other hand, if we talk about the year-2021, then in the year 2020, 742 and 995 students were placed.

Course Wise Percentage

85.53 percent of BTech students, 95.24 in dual degree, Integrated MTech 81.25, MSc 57.55, MSc Tech 46.24, MTech 66.77, MBA 82.09.

Placement of 95.24 percent of dual degree students

The students of the institute have received the highest pay package of 56 lakhs per annum and an average CTC of 17.01 lakhs per annum. Maximum 95.24 per cent students got placement from dual degree course. After this, 85.53 percent of B.Tech students got placed (662 out of 774). In the lowest MSc Tech course, 46.24 per cent students got jobs. On the other hand, if we talk about students getting more than 7 CGPA, 100 percent students of dual degree, 96.17 percent of BTech, 89.09 percent of Integrated MTech, 58.75 in MSc, 50.60 in MSc Tech, 71.67 in MTech, 91.30 in MBA Placement done. This is 82.92 per cent of the total percentage.