CBSE: Every section of 10th and 12th question paper will be colourful latest news today in hindi

Every section of 10th and 12th question paper will be colourful in CBSE Board latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 09/06/2023: Every question in the question paper is easily visible, so that there is no problem in answering section-wise questions, so that every section of the CBSE 10th and 12th question paper will be colored. Its information has been given by the board to the students through sample paper. There will also be a little gap between one section to another so that students can see the number of questions section wise. It will be implemented from the board examination of the year 2024.

Tell that till now the question paper used to have a texture. Due to the similarity from one section to another, students did not answer section wise. Due to this, there was a problem in checking the answer sheet, but now students will write the answer of one section in one place. Generally there are questions in five sections in each subject. It consists of objective type, short answer type, very short answer type, long answer type and case study type. Now all these have been made colorful by underlining them. So that the student can answer the questions of all the sections.

Every section of 10th and 12th question paper will be colourful in CBSE Board notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Marking scheme will tell the right way to write answers How to answer objective question or short and long answer question in board exam, in how many words? Is it mandatory to write the question number while answering or not? The board has given all these information through the marking scheme.

According to the board, most of the students write only the number of the answer in the answer to the objective question, while the answer along with the number has to be written in one word. Only then you get full marks. This has been explained by the board with the marking scheme.

  • Students did not answer section wise due to similarity from one section to another
  • Information given to students from sample paper

Number of questions will be less in 12th

According to the board administration, the total number of questions in class 10th will be more than in class 12th. 39 to 40 questions will be included in each subject of class 10th. In class 12th, the number of questions in Biology, Physics, Chemistry will be 33. A total of 38 questions will be asked in Mathematics. The number of questions in commerce and arts stream will remain the same as in science stream.