Betting online games will be closed latest news today in hindi

Breaking News: Betting online games will be closed

Latest Updated 13/06/2023: The central government is going to take strict steps against online games related to betting. The Center is preparing to ban three types of online games. For this, the Center has prepared a framework. If such games are banned, it will be a blow to the bookies and those who run them. Union Minister of State for IT Rajiv Chandrasekhar gave this information on Monday.

Rajiv Chandrashekhar said, for the 1st time we have prepared a framework regarding online gaming, in which we will not allow 3 types of online games in the country. First, the sports that are involved in betting. Second, those that cause harm to the user and third, those that have the potential to cause addiction. If any one of these factors is found in a game, it will be banned.

Betting online games will be closed latest news update 2023 in hindi

Self-regulatory organization will be formed The Union Minister informed that a self-regulatory organization will be formed within 90 days of the rules being notified. This organization will take decisions regarding approval of online games. All aspects will be considered in this.

These 3 types of games will be banned

1. Any game that involves betting

2. Harmful to the user

3. Addictive

ED's eye on gaming companies

The ED has in the past raided premises linked to online gaming companies in its probe into foreign exchange violations. Many of these are registered abroad and also operate from India, officials said. Action was taken at 25 of their locations in Delhi, MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.