BBMKU will decide soon on generic exam latest news today in hindi

BBMKU will decide on generic exam soon latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 11/05/2023: From the session 2015-18 to 2019-22, the second generic paper (generic elective) has increased the concern of more than one lakh students of BBMKU Dhanbad and Bokaro graduates. Vinoba Bhave Vishwavidyalaya Hazaribagh and Ranchi University has issued the notification for the special examination of the said generic paper.

In such a situation, the passout graduate students of BBMKU have started asking the university what decision has been taken for the students of Dhanbad-Bokaro. If a special examination of a generic paper will be taken, then for when, and if not, why will it not be taken. BBMKU Vice Chancellor Prof. in the whole matter. Shukdev Bhoi said that BBMKU management will take appropriate decision in this matter in the interest of the students. A decision will be taken on this shortly. 

BBMKU will decide soon on generic exam notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

Let us inform that in the year 2017, BBMKU was formed by separating from Vibhavi. From the year 2018 July, BBMKU started conducting its own level examination. From the year 2015, Vibhavi taught only one generic paper in graduation instead of two generic papers. On drawing attention from the students, Vibhavi is conducting special examination for such students. Under BBMKU, Dhanbad and Bokaro have also been taught under the said syllabus till the year 2020 on the lines of Vibhavi. Due to this the concern of the students of BBMKU has increased.

The students of BBMKU are worried after two universities of the state issued a special examination for a generic paper for the pass out students. Through social media, students from BBMKU are also demanding special examination. Student Vikas Yadav says that if there is any problem in future, the university will take care of itself. For this reason all the students should take the exam.