CBSE Practical: Schools giving 29 marks in circle notification latest news today in hindi

CBSE Board: Schools which giving 29 marks in the practical in the circle latest news update 2023

Latest Updated 10/04/2023: The Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE will now examine the schools of the students who score more marks in the practical examination. Many such schools have been caught in the 12th practical examination, which gave 28 or 29 marks out of 30 to the students. Whether wrong was done during the examination in these schools or everything happened due to connivance of externals, it will also be investigated.

If irregularities are detected, the board will take action against the schools. Along with this, the students who have got 18 or 19 marks out of 20 in the 10th internal exam will also be examined. Let us tell you that CBSE has recently identified many such schools across the country which gave marks to the students without taking practical examination. Talking about Bihar, 433 such schools have been caught. The videos and photographs sent by these schools to the board are not as per the prescribed norms.

Schools which giving 29 marks in the practical exam of CBSE Board in the circle notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

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  • 433 schools took the exam wrongly
  • CBSE will investigate such schools

For this reason, the matter of disturbance in the schools came to the fore. These schools either did not conduct the practical examination at all or awarded marks arbitrarily after completing the formalities. For the first time, schools were instructed by CBSE to upload videos to monitor practical exams.