JBCCI Coal India did not agree on the new allowances, talked about the old one notification latest news today in hindi

JBCCI Coal India did not agree on the new allowances, talked about the old one latest news update 2023

Talk on allowances in Kolkata meeting of JBCCI, consensus reached on many issues

Latest Updated 19/04/2023: A meeting of JBCCI was held in Kolkata on Tuesday regarding National Coal Wage Settlement-11 for non-executives of coal sector. The charter of demand given by the unions was discussed. In some cases, consent was reached. The demand of some new allowances from the unions was rejected outright by the Coal India management. Unions demanded additional increment, service weightage etc. It was bluntly told by the management that only the allowances being received in the Wage Settlement-10 will be discussed. The talks took place in the presence of Coal India Chairman Pramod Agarwal.

INTUC leaders also participated in the meeting. INTUC agreed to 19 per cent MGB (Minimum Guaranteed Benefit). It may be known that for the first time the members of INTUC participated in JBCCI-11. The 19 per cent MGB had already been agreed upon. Now INTUC has also agreed on this. The new wage settlement will also have four major components Basic, DA, SDA and Attendance Bonus as before.

Coal India did not agree on the new allowances, talked about the old one notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

The charter of demand given by the unions to the Coal India management has 108 issues. Many of these were discussed. The remaining ones will be discussed in the JBCCI meeting in the first week of May.

It is possible that the coal wage agreement may be signed in May. It is known that Pramod Agarwal, the current chairman of Coal India, is only till June. After that he will retire. Therefore, there is every possibility that the National Coal Wage Agreement will be finalized during his tenure. The meeting was attended by Coal India Chairman and Directors, CMDs of subsidiary companies and representatives of unions. 

Discuss and Agree on

● Now instead of quarterly, 10 bonus will be given in a month.

● Night shift allowance has been changed from Rs.35 per day to Rs.50 per day.

● It was agreed to give 500 instead of 400 nursing allowance. Well union leaders are not satisfied with this

● Annual increment will be paid at the rate of three percent as before

● Unions oppose ceiling in basic overtime. subcommittee will decide

● Underground allowance will not freeze. The unions asked for 10. Coal India is not ready to give more than 9

– Charge allowance will be available as before, it will not increase

19% responsibility of MGB Coal India: Chairman

Coal India Chairman Pramod Agarwal said on the question of unions in JBCCI meeting that forget the issue of DPE (Department of Public Enterprises) guideline. It is the responsibility of the Coal India Management to obtain approval from the Central Government on 19 MGB. If Coal India has made an agreement on giving 19 MGB to the coal workers, then they will get it. There is no doubt about it. Therefore, the representatives of the union should leave aside the concern of the MGB and talk about other issues. This issue was raised by the unions at the very beginning of the meeting. After the assurance of the Coal India Chairman, the talk on allowances started. It is to be noted that in the DPE guideline, the salary of non-officers should not be more than that of officers under any circumstances. In the past, the salary of E-1 grade i.e. the lowest grade officer in the coal sector is less than the highest grade non-officer personnel. This issue of pay discrepancy is there since long. This situation will happen again from 19th MGB.