6300 schools in Bihar depend on one and 12 thousand schools on two teachers latest news today in hindi

6300 schools in Bihar depend on 1 and 12 thousand schools on two teachers latest news update 2023

Provision for new appointment of teachers was not made in the budget, how will children study in schools without teachers

Latest Updated 06/03/2023: Jharkhand government has released the budget for the financial year 2023-24. Gifts have been given to many departments, but due to non-mention of the appointment of teachers in the budget of the School Education and Literacy Department, the candidates as well as teachers' organizations are worried. There has been no appointment of teachers in elementary schools in the state since 2015-16.

The situation is that there are 6300 schools in the state which are dependent on one teacher, while 12 thousand schools are running dependent on two teachers. In such a school, if even one teacher remains on leave, then either the school has to be closed or all the classes cannot be taught. The government is talking about providing quality education in the budget and talking about making excellent schools, from leader schools to ideal schools, but the imagination of such a school without teachers seems meaningless. Children will study in mother tongue in primary school in the budget. Children will be connected, but who will teach them in mother tongue.

6300 schools in Bihar depend on one and 12 thousand schools on two teachers notification latest news update 2023 in hindi

  • There is no mention of the new appointment and his salary.

  • Candidates as well as teacher's organizations expressed displeasure

  • Asked the government how to provide quality education

When there will be no teachers then who will teach in Bengali and Oriya including tribal languages. About 53,000 candidates of the state, who passed the Teacher Eligibility Test in 2016, have not got the opportunity to participate in any recruitment process till date. At the same time, in 2013, there are about 48,000 Tet pass applicants left who will be able to participate in the recruitment process.

How will schools become excellent and ideal

Naseem Ahmed, Chief Spokesperson of All Jharkhand Primary Teachers Association, said that the state government talked about declaring panchayats as drop outs, making schools from excellent-model to leader, but there was no talk on filling the vacant posts of teachers. Neither there is any mention of appointment of teachers in the budget nor there is any budget provision for it. State schools are running on the basis of one teacher and two teachers. In such a situation, if teachers are not appointed, then how will schools become excellent and how can quality education be given.

50 thousand posts to be appointed

50 thousand posts are to be appointed in the elementary schools of the state. The process could not be started even after several announcements due to planning policy issues. The state government has started the process of appointing about 3200 graduate trained teachers and post graduate trained teachers in 80 excellence schools. District-wise recruitment is going on in these schools on contract basis.

In this, from taking applications at the district level to selection on the basis of academic-training qualification and interview.