Bihar Revenue Department Recruitment 2023: 10 thousand posts will be appointed in 3 months notification latest news today in hindi

Bihar Revenue Department Vacancy: 10000 posts will be appointed in 3 months latest news update 2023

Minister Alok Mehta said in the Legislative Council, the recruitment process continues

Latest Updated 16/03/2023: The recruitment process for 10,000 posts in the Revenue Department will be completed within three months. The reinstated personnel will be engaged in special survey and settlement work.

Minister Alok Mehta said these things while presenting the government's side on the budget of the Revenue Department in the Legislative Council. He said that 15,000 posts have been sanctioned to complete the work of special survey and settlement in time and to start the work of special survey and settlement in the zones. Out of this, the recruitment process for ten thousand 101 posts will be completed within three months. In this, 355 posts of Special Survey Assistant Settlement Officer, 758 of Special Survey Kanungo, 8244 of Special Survey Amin and 744 of Special Survey Clerk are to be restored. He told that direct restoration will be done by conducting online test. 

He told, computerization of land records is being done. The record is also being kept in reserve so that there is no disturbance if there is 2 places. For this, a building is being constructed in every zone. A digital library will also be created. He said that 45 acres of land has been transferred in the last five days for development projects. Homeless landless will also be given land for housing by marking the place. If needed, procurement will be done at the prescribed rate. 

10 thousand posts will be appointed in 3 months in Bihar Revenue Department Recruitment notification pdf latest news update 2023 in hindi

This work is to be completed by December. He informed that 90 percent of the applications for rejection of online filing have been executed. In the second session of the Legislative Council, there was a debate on the budget of Revenue and Land Reforms, Finance and Commerce Department. Besides BJP MLCs Janak Ram, Devesh Kumar, JDU's Afaq Ahmed Khan and Lalan Kumar Sarraf and Independent Sarvesh Kumar participated in the discussion.

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Uproar over the issue of jobs for Gandhi Maidan blast victims

During the debate on the budget of the Revenue Department, BJP MLCs were counting the achievements of the Centre. At the same time, JDU MLC Neeraj Kumar said that what did PM Narendra Modi do with the promise of giving jobs to the families of those killed in the Gandhi Maidan blast? On this, RJD MLC Sunil Singh also said that what happened when fifteen lakh rupees were deposited in the account? On this, other members along with MLC Devesh Kumar from BJP also stood up. During this, there was a heated argument between the parties and the opposition in the house for a while. The matter was pacified after the intervention of Chairman Devesh Chandra Thakur.