New merit list will be made for JSSC High School Teacher Recruitment for 17572 posts notification latest news today in hindi

JSSC High School Teacher Recruitment: New merit list will be made latest news update 2022

Instructions appointed teachers and candidates going to court will be included in the list

Latest Updated 03/12/2022: The government will now have to prepare a common merit list for the appointment of high school teachers. In this merit list, the teachers who have been recruited under the local planning policy & the candidates who became defendants after the general notice of the High Court will be included. In this, such candidates will be appointed first who went to the court.

On Friday, the Supreme Court has directed the government to prepare a merit list on the same lines. The court of Justice MR Shah and Justice CT Ravi Kumar also directed the government to present the merit list on December 9. The top court on Friday made it clear that the candidates who did not turn respondent after the high court's general notice would not be considered by the apex court. State Chief Secretary (CS) Sukhdev Singh was physically present in the court during the hearing.

New merit list will be made for High School Teacher Recruitment by Jharkhand Government notification latest news update 2022 in hindi

Meanwhile, the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission has postponed the ongoing certificate verification process for the post of high school teacher.

During the hearing on Friday, senior advocates Rajeev Kumar and Lalit Singh, representing the applicant, told the court that the government was not following the order of the Supreme Court. The government had to prepare a state-level common list and appoint those who had gone against the government's policy in the High Court. But the govt is now starting the process of preparing the merit list by setting new cut off marks. This is a violation of the order. It was told by the govt that there are many applicants who have brought more than the prescribed cut off marks of the districts. In such a condition, not including them in the merit list can again increase the dispute.

400 candidates became parties and petition was filed

The order is clear, the government should follow it. On this, the top court said that our order is clear. The Jharkhand High Court's order declaring the government's planning policy illegal has been justified. People who have been appointed by this policy will not be removed. The government had to prepare a merit list combining the candidates who filed a petition and the candidates who went to the High Court. The court is giving priority to such candidates who have spoken against their rights and against the policy of the government.

General information was issued for the application

The petition was filed against the government's planning policy and reservation of 100 percent posts of scheduled districts for the same district. While hearing on this, the Jharkhand High Court had directed to make all the applicants defendants. For this, the court had released a general notice asking the candidates to apply to become a respondent. After this, about 400 candidates filed a petition in the court and became defendants.

What is contempt petition

Soni Kumari has filed a contempt petition saying that on August 2, the Supreme Court had termed the government's planning policy made in the year 2016 as unconstitutional but upheld the appointment of teachers recruited in scheduled districts by this policy. The court had directed the state government to prepare a common merit list for appointment to the remaining posts. The Supreme Court had directed the government to issue a combined merit list.

A total of 17,572 posts are to be recruited

Under the planning policy of 2016, the third and fourth class posts of 13 scheduled districts were reserved for the locals of the same district, whereas in non-scheduled districts, outsiders were also allowed to apply. In the light of this policy, in 2016, the recruitment process for 8,423 posts in scheduled districts and 9149 posts in non-scheduled districts (total 17572 teachers) was started.

● Instructions to present the new merit list in the Supreme Court

● Case handlers will be appointed first

● Court will not consider those who did not go to court

● The High Court had given everyone a chance to become a party