Expected to pay one and a half thousand crore rupees bonus in coal companies notification latest news today in hindi

Coal India Limited (CIL) Companies: Expected to pay one and a half thousand crore rupees bonus latest news update 2022

Latest Updated On 11/09/2022: There is a growing curiosity about bonus payment in Coal India and its subsidiaries. Bonus will be announced on 28th September. By the way, look at the pre-bonus payment trend, the average bonus item has increased by Rs 5227 every year in the last decade. Last year, coal workers got a bonus of Rs 72,500. If we look at the average growth, then this time 78 thousand can be expected.

According to indications received from senior leaders of trade unions, up to one and a half thousand crores are paid to coal companies in bonus head. The number of personnel decreases due to retirement but due to increase in the amount of bonus, the figure remains between 1400 to 1500 crores. Last year more than 1400 crores amount was paid as bonus.

Expected to pay 1.5 thousand crore rupees bonus in Coal Companies latest news update 2022 in hindi

How much bonus in a decade

Year  Amount

2010 17,000

2011 21,000

2012 26,000

2013 31,500

2014 40,000

2015 48,500

2016 54,000

2017 57,000

2018 60,500

2019 64,700

2020 68,500

2021 72,500

Looking at the earlier figures, the maximum increase in bonus in Coal India was Rs 8,500 in 2013 and 2014. At the same time, the lowest increase is only three thousand rupees in 2016. By the way, the bonus has increased every year. The bonus has increased from 17000 to 72,500 in the past decade. Between July 1, 2010 and July 1, 2021, the manpower of Coal India has decreased by 1,45,728. On an average, more than 13,000 coal workers are being reduced every year. At present the number of manpower in Coal India in February 2022 is around 2.49 lakhs. The number of coal workers in 2010 was 4,04,744. At the same time, the number of coal workers came down to 2,59,016 in 2021.

Coal workers in Jharkhand get the highest amount of total bonus payment of Coal India. In Jharkhand, along with BCCL, CCL, CMPDIL, three major areas of ECL are Rajmahal, Mugma and Chitra. The number of departmental coal workers in Jharkhand is around 75 thousand. Coal workers who retire in this financial year are also entitled to bonus. Bonus is paid as Profit Linked Reward on Durga Puja to the employees (Non Officers) of Coal India and ECL, BCCL, CCL, MCL, CMPDIL, NCL, SECL and NEC.