Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2022: 445 candidates under investigation on suspicion of fake TET degree notification latest news today in hindi


 Teacher planning: 445 candidates under investigation on suspicion of fake TET degree latest notification update

Latest Updated On 25/04/2022: Under the process of appointment of teachers in elementary schools of Bihar, a total no. of 1377 candidates were finally selected on 18 April in the missed planning units. However, out of these, only 932 applicants were given appointment letters.

The Education Department has currently banned the completely selected 445 candidates from receiving appointment letters. This ban has been imposed on suspicion of fake document of passing their teacher eligibility test. Now their detailed investigation is being done. According to the detail received from the Education Department, out of about 450 candidates whose TET pass is under doubt, 223 applicants are from Gopalganj alone. Under the special cycle, 573 applicants have been selected in this district, out of which only 350 have been provide appointment letters. The TET pass verification of the remaining 223 applicants is going on. The team of officials of the education department of the district is calling the concerned applicant & organizing the investigation in front of them. This is going on everyday. On the other hand, 80 in Motihari and 80 in Bettiah, 38 in Madhubani, 15 in Nalanda, 3 in Muzaffarpur & Nawada, 2 in Bhojpur, one each in Katihar, Saran, Sitamarhi are under scrutiny. The concerned District Education Administration will send the report to the Directorate of Primary Education of the Education Department after checking all these. Simultaneously, in Motihari, the TET pass of 33 out of 80 teacher applicants who came under the scanner has been declared fake.

Teachers in Elementary Schools of Bihar 445 candidates under investigation on suspicion of fake TET degree latest news update

Education Minister has ordered FIR

Education Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary has already ordered to identify & take action against those who try to achieve teacher's job on fake degree. It has been said that such people should not be recruited under any circumstances. File an FIR against him in an attempt to mislead the department.