IGNOU 70000 Assignment Online Evaluation 2020 IGNOU Online Evaluation latest news in Hindi

School-colleges, universities are all closed in lockdown due to Coronavirus disease, but in the meantime continue to study online. One good thing is that after online studies, now an online evaluation initiative is being taken. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has started an online assessment of the assignments being submitted by the students. Assistant Regional Director Dr. Ragini said that there are 50 study centers under IGNOU Regional Center Ranchi. Here, 70000 assignments are submitted in a session which is evaluated through 1600 counselors. Monitoring from online class to be evaluated is done by Regional Director Dr. Subhakanta Mohanty.

Mail for the approval of the project: 30 percent weightage is given in assignments and 70 percent of term exam is given. The result of mixing these two is prepared. Dr. Ragini said that the learners of BCA, MCA, PGDEMA and MA in Education have to take the approval of the project before submit the project. If there is a problem in submission due to more pages of the assignment, then inform IGNOU by mail, a link will be sent immediately. This will freeze the assignment.

1600 counselor will evaluate the assignment

Due to Corona, the online evaluation was decided, Regional Director Dr. Subhakanta Mohanty is overseeing.

IGNOU Online Evaluation 2020

Video is on Facebook page

Live class runs on IGNOU's Facebook page. Apart from this, videos of all the classes that have been held till date are also available. Director said that students must to check the Facebook page. All information is updated here. Apart from this, if there is any type of problem, please mail your name, enrollment number and program code to IGNOU.

Project will be submitted by 31 May

IGNOU students will now be able to submit the online examination form by May 15 without any late fee for the examination to be held in June. Similarly, you will be able to submit assignments, projector reports, fieldwork by 31 May. Online induction meeting of entire learners enrolled in the January 2020 session has concluded.